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Should I check on my boat in the winter?

It’s always a good idea to check on your boat during the off season. You should ask neighbors to check your boat when there down at the dock as well. If a CO detector is losing power, it will make a loud beeping sound, which can be heard by anyone walking past your boat. Chances are your batteries are either not charging or going bad. If they are not charging, you need to find out why. It could be your shore power cord has come loose from the strong winter winds at either the pedestal or your boat connection. The inverter may save you if you have one and catch the problem in time. Otherwise, plan on a stinky fridge, and possible busted water lines, if those were not winterized.

How do I store my canvas deck enclosure.

You should clean your canvas enclosure before taking it down for the season. Label each section, and even draw a diagram if you desire. Start on one side, either port or starboard, and number each sequential section. This will make it a snap to re-install the enclosure in the fall. It’s best to store the sections individually inside old sheets. Place the sheet on the canvas and isinglass, and loosely roll up. Never fold. Store the sections in a clean, dry area of hull, inside the cabin. This insure many years of enjoyment of your enclosure.

How do I display the U.S. flag on board my boat.

Generally, the national ensign should be displayed at the peak of the gaff, i.e., the outer end of the spar extending aft from the mast of your boat—if you boat has a gaff. If it does not, fly it from the flagstaff at your boat’s stern. If your boat has an overhanging boom or an outboard motor, your flagstaff may be offset to starboard (preferably) from your boat’s centerline. If you fly 2 flags, the U.S. flag should always be on the starboard side.

Bought a new boat? Time to wax? Maybe not!

Conley Bottom Resort rental houseboats still shine like new 10 years after going into service. What is amazing about this is they have never been waxed, not once. They are washed with “Murphy’s Oil Soap” and a little dish detergent. The “Murphy’s Oil Soap” puts the natural oils back into the pores in the gel coat, and keep it from becoming dull and dry. *Just remember this can only work on new unwaxed boats. If the boat has been waxed, the pores are permanently sealed, and the “Murphy’s Oil Soap” will not be able to effectively penetrate the pores.
For die-hard waxer’s, you might want to give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Don’t winterize your own engines.

Why not, I am mechanically inclined, and I enjoy working on my own boat.
This is why-Mechanics are loyal to you when you are loyal to them. Giving them your business in the fall can pay big dividends on a holiday weekend, when your guests have arrived, and are ready for a cruise on your boat. Wait, now you have a mechanical issue, and who are you going to call. The mechanic you don’t use in good times. Don’t expect him to go out of his way to show up and save the day. It won’t happen unless you have developed a relationship with him beforehand. There is no price that can be put on saving the weekend with family and friends.
And as an added bonus, when the mechanic winterizes your engines, in most cases, they guarantee their work.
Can you say that about your work?Tom & Terry Miller

Buy everything you can from your own marina.

Why, they are much more expensive than my local Wal-Mart?
Running a marina takes the talents of many. You walk into the marina one day, and ask the owner if he knows where you can get a part like this made. Example 1: Marina owner rarely ever sees you purchase anything from his ships store. He may tell you the name of someone who could help you, and even help find you their phone number.
Example 2: You frequent your marina often. You purchase all your dock lines, bumpers, ice, fuel from them. You walk into the marina one day, and ask the owner if he knows where you can get a part like this made. He hands the part to a dock worker nearby, and asks him if he can make that. The dock worker says no problem, and has it ready for you the next day (no charge)! Your boating life is made easy! So how much are you really saving by being a tightwad? Tom & Terry Miller

Boat Cleaner

One of the best all-purpose boat cleaners, we have found is “Spray Power”, available at Wal-Mart in the cleaning section. It works great on carpet, fabric, clothes stains, mold on vinyl cushions, gel coat stains, and stainless steel. (Caution: Not to be used on wood, because it will remove finish, and keep from coming in contact with aluminum surfaces, (i.e. hulls and rails), because it can stain aluminum.)
Tom & Terry Miller

Selling-Don’t strip the boat!

Meaning price the boat so you can leave non personal items, such as towels, dishes, pots & pans, trash cans, wall hangings, decorations, etc. If you are moving to another boat, it will be nice to have new things, and if you are getting out of boating, you won’t need most of that stuff. It sure makes for a nice transaction when the buyer feels like they are getting a good deal, and the boat hasn’t been stripped. Our first nice houseboat purchase, included all the stuff, a sparkling clean boat, complete with a peach cobbler baking in the oven. We always sang high praises of the sellers, and learned a valuable lesson how to sell a boat with class.
Tom & Terry Miller

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