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Preparing to take your boat away from the dock?

Preparing to take your boat away from the dock?

Always, Always test all systems that you think you will be using while away from the dock, before releasing your lines. PWC winches, Windlass, thrusters, generator, 12-volt system (water pump, lights, etc). It will be twice as easy to address the problem now, than after you have pulled away from the dock. Do you have plenty of water in your tanks for the length of time you plan to be away? Is your engine oil full, and lower unit reservoir’s topped off? Do you have an extra quart of lower unit oil? Is your generator water pump working properly, with a nice stream of water exiting the hull? Do you have an extra generator water pump impeller?

If you plan to tie up in a cove, have all your ropes located neatly on all 4 corners of the boat, so they don’t interfere with your departure, yet are ready when you pull into the cove. And if you are going to beach your houseboat, running the ropes from the two aft corner cleats, all the way along port and starboard cabin walls to the front deck, makes it much easier to quickly secure the boat to a tree or other suitable anchor. Soon your guests can disembark and explore the banks.

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