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Ceysha Hall


Ceysha Hall is serving our customers at Grider Hill, Rowena, Beaver Creek Marina, Burnside Marina on Lake Cumberland, KY. “I grew up in Monticello, KY, the “Houseboat Capital of the World”. I worked as an office assistant at Houseboats Buy Terry's main office at Conley Bottom Resort since 2011. Or as Terry liked to say, I am now a graduate of “Houseboat College”. I learned directly from Terry, what it takes to listen to a customer's needs and help them buy or sell their boat. On my days off, I still find myself drawn to the lake, where I like to take my daughters boating, fishing, and swimming. I look forward to helping find your perfect boat or sell your boat and move on to your next adventure.”

Ceysha Hall 606-669-9515  ceyshabuythelake@gmail.com

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  • New Listing

    1979 Somerset 14′ x 58′ Aluminum

    Location: Monticello, KY
  • 1984 Hilburn 13′ x 38′

    Location: Somerset, KY
  • 1987 Harbor Master 13’ x 38’

    Location: Somerset, KY
  • New Listing

    1987 Jamestowner 14′ x 58′

    Location: Monticello, KY
  • 1987 Stephens 16′ x 62′

    Location: Lancaster, TN
  • 1988 Sumerset 16.5′ x 77′ Widebody

    Location: Monticello, KY
  • Sold by Ceysha

    1989 Carver Santego 30′

    Location: Monticello, KY
  • 1994 Stardust 18′ x 87′ Widebody

  • New Listing

    1995 Jamestowner 15′ x 65′

    Location: Monticello, KY

    1995 Myacht 14′ x 47′

    Location: Grand Rapids, MN
  • New Price

    1995 Stardust 16′ x 78′ Widebody

    Location: Nancy, KY
  • New Price

    1997 Stardust 18′ x 66′

    Location: Monticello, KY

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